Thursday, August 22, 2013

Miss Innocent

What a fantastic photo of this lovely t-girl. I love her white mini dress and how it hugs the curves of her body. I also think she has a super sweet smile making her look innocent; but there's a naughty layer close to the surface just waiting to get out!

1 comment:

  1. Can't agree more Mistress Kika

    If she's anything like me. I use to be a mild mannered get on with my life transsexual who lived 13.5 years full time n cleared for SARS twice/ since n sum1 turning me onto Hypnos / not to mention 20 plus years of hormones.

    Here lately all I think about is being owned n submitting n desires to pleasure a Mistress or mtf mistress n be my sissy cumslut princess n be pimped out.

    I know it's the Hypnos, but I do love the bodycon dress as well as how it lays. I'm sure she'll be turning heads n pleasuring both Mistress n real men