Thursday, February 10, 2011

Christine - so pink

What a adorable photo of Miss Christine. This is the best pink sissy dress and I like how she pulls it together with her pink bow headband, pink sheer stockings and matching pumps. This frilly miss is the picture of perfection.


  1. I have a hard-on just looking at the lovely sissy, hmmm...

  2. Anonymous8:03 PM

    she looks so pretty . i dream of having a dress like this one day.. she is such a lucky sissy ..

  3. Anonymous9:43 PM

    Christine you look very prissy and adorable. I would give my right arm to be dressed like you. I have always wanted to be dressed in a pretty pink frilly dress. The head band looks so cute on you. bye bye

  4. Anonymous3:01 PM

    Very sexy.Nice dress.I would like to wear it.