Saturday, January 05, 2008

My nomination for a daily Amy

It seems that Andrea Nicole has many admirers...the following is from part of an email that I received from Amy who is a fan of Andrea Nicole:

My nomination for a daily sissy....
When you look at a picture of this sissy your eyes are drawn first to her face - such lovely hair and what a gorgeous smile. Then you notice the feminine pose. She is perched perfectly on the sofa like a girl out of charm school. Her hands clasped together. Her lovely legs locked at the knees and then folded at an angle to accentuate the rest of her body. Then you realize that her outfit is put together so perfectly. Pink is for girly girls. From the cute jacket to the multi-colored top, to the skirt that drapes across her bottom just perfectly. The sexy open toed heels complete the outfit. The pink lipstick and matching nails are the finishing touches.

Andrea Nicole seems to touch the lives of many. I am honored that she is part of this forum.


  1. Anonymous2:59 PM

    thanks for a lot of great comment so far this year. she is indeed a perfect sissy.

  2. Anonymous8:56 PM

    great comment? i meant great content. d'oh!